Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bio Of Johann Garcia

When people think of Pablo Escobar, they say, “He offered to pay the Columbians entire deficit to the United States.” He ran one of the most powerful cartels in Columbia: “The Medellin Cartel.”

If Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia comes to mind, you would say, “The man of a thousand faces! – Face off!” Because of the face transplants he’s gone under. He also climbed up in the ranks and built his own cartel branching off the Cali cartel!

Mention Jose Eduardo Liriano; the most infamous gangster of Washington Heights. He and his partner Yayo, created a drug that made millions of dollars!

These four men had something in common: they had sons, nephews, and nieces that were on the rise while they executed their enterprises.

My name is Johan Garcia. I grew up in the infamous section of Washington Heights at a time when drugs were like walking into your corner candy store and purchasing bubble gum!

As a kid I was forced to learn every aspect of the streets. What I did to survive worked for me as a gift, but also a curse. It’s truly a curse when at five and six years old, I constantly witnessed transactions of millions of dollars and hundreds of kilos of crack destroying humanity right in front of my face. What could I have done to maintain sane under such circumstances? I did what looked better for me…followed the footsteps of the bosses. I established my own little cartel! The finances were good, and when money was low, it was easy to find a drug stash somewhere in a building. Things could’ve gone either way for me. By not really knowing the affects of the drugs, I could’ve ended up addicted to something, just like some kids did that grew up around cartels. It’s very rare for that not to happen. The only thing with me was; I found it more exciting to just be addicted to the money aspect of it.

As a kid, you might’ve not even realized that you were growing up around a cartel. It could’ve been right next door to you!

That shit followed me for some reason. At first I thought about calling the blog, “Young Cartel Faces.” I said to myself, “Do you have to have a specific look for this game or what?”

I couldn’t even walk on the beach without product flying out of the sky! One day in the Dominican Republic when I was seven years old, I was going for a swim and a small plane flew over me and started unloading bricks of cocaine which damn near busted my head open. I swam faster than Michael Phelps! I should have won a gold for that! Not white!

People stormed from their wooden broken down shacks. One old man with a wrinkly face screamed, “Money flying from the skies!” I quickly got out of the water because they mobbed the place. One old lady said, “What I’ve prayed for all my life!”

I looked at her like, “You junkie!” For some reason they looked sad once they ripped the packages open. It wasn’t money. But “white powder.” Not knowing what it was good for, they said, “Oh well, we’ll just use this to cover all the holes in our homes!”…….Hundreds of kilos of cocaine.

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